Could Texas turn blue?

Texas primaries kick off US midterm campaign

The First Major Primaries of the Midterms Are in Texas. Here's What to Watch

The Axios/Survey Monkey polls were conducted from February 12 to March 5 among a total sample of 17,289 registered voters living in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, West Virginia, Montana, and North Dakota. Sarah Davis of Houston and Lyle Larson of San Antonio.

The chambers adjourned late Thursday night after a busy day that included approving a law to make it easier to prosecute police who commit bad shootings, updating a law that made it uniquely hard to hold officers criminally liable.

The party of an incumbent president usually doesn't fare well in midterm elections, and a new poll indicates things could be brutal for Republicans in Virginia this year as they continue to reel from a Democratic wave in last year's statewide elections.

"You may see some changes, but it's not going to change the state fundamentally". Jason Villalba, a Dallas Republican carrying self-inflicted wounds from his Twitter and Facebook rants, and Rep. And when Republicans unaccountably lost a Senate seat in Alabama in December, the path to a Democratic takeover of the Senate looked suddenly very real, particularly when combined with the likelihood of a second Senate election in blue-trending Arizona and the recruitment of a formidable Democratic candidate in dark-red Tennessee. "In Harris County, Democrats had numerous races from the federal level to state and county levels". Craig Estes of Wichita Falls, but he was opposed by his own lieutenant governor and had been underwater in the polls for months. "Talk to every Texan in every part of the state".

The group's top target - state Rep.

"It's probably a long way from the Democrats winning more than one or two statewide races, if that many this year, but, you know, this is the kind of preliminary signs that you would see in the Democrats advancing", Collier said.

Yet, while Democrats' statewide early voting edge disappeared in the March 6 balloting, first-time candidate Jana Lynne Sanchez liked what she saw.

In the nonpartisan race to succeed Brad Avakian as state labor commissioner, former lawmaker Val Hoyle of Eugene, Jack Howard of La Grande and Lou Ogden of Tualatin have filed for election. She said the county could have contracted with the state to provide Republican ballots but that she "called too late".

Sullivan did not immediately respond to emails seeking comment, but in a subsequent tweet Wednesday he took note of firebrand Lt. Gov. One was an open seat.

"House & Senate have moved right". She partly staked her candidacy on TV ads that told voters there was little daylight between her and the president, who remains popular among GOP voters despite his low approval ratings nationwide. "Voters should disregard these polls as they are almost always wrong, most notably in 2016 and 2017".

An appearance by Trump, who enjoys performing at rallies for his supporters, could ultimately hurt Republicans in moderate districts. Sure we may have differences in our family.

About failing to win such a high percentage of the vote against overmatched rivals, O'Rourke noted that he has focused on campaigning all over Texas, including strongholds for those who cast ballots in the Republican primary. Officials made the same decision years ago - Trevino said she couldn't remember the exact election cycle - for similar reasons.

For the most contested House primary races, Tuesday's contests provided no resolution, only a narrowing of the field.

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