How to survive daylight saving time

Daylight Saving 2018 Don't forget to turn your clocks forward

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But adopting year-round daylight time would mean some downsides for Florida too.

It's time to spring ahead by setting clocks forward by one hour.

Daylight saving time starts this weekend. Only local governments kept it alive.

The vast majority of the country observes daylight saving time. "I kind of like having the longer days", he said.

There was a bill introduced last January to do away with Daylight Saving Time here in MI.

It seems like spring will never come, but the approach of daylight saving time signals it's getting close. Saskatchewan, a province in Canada, also does not practice DST.

Benjamin Franklin did not invent daylight saving time. Snap a photo of it with your phone to make referencing it easier. Experts said that it's hard to get a comparison of DST versus no DST because countries either wholly adopt it or don't, and every country uses a different amount of energy. No switching time twice a year.

A CBS News poll a few years back (in February 2015) found that 23% of adults would prefer to have Daylight Saving Time year round, 23% would prefer Standard Time the full year, and 48% prefer to switch back and forth between the two. Savings in electrical use are eaten up by additional use of air conditioning, studies have shown.

"For others, the time change may be risky, at least for a while".

The only states not observing daylight time are Hawaii and Arizona.

The bill passed unanimously through three Senate committees and in a 33-2 vote in the full Senate on Tuesday. In 1966, the Uniform Time Act finally standardized daylight saving time in the U.S.

In New Mexico, we have written before about the noble efforts of Roswell Sen. That got the idea shelved until the unlikely event NY hops on-board. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also wants the time we change our clocks to signify the time we check for open vehicle recalls.

Sen. Greg Steube, the lead sponsor, said Floridians are exhausted of going "back and forth" and changing their clocks, internal and external, twice a year.

But we can manipulate our internal clocks to some degree: the most effective strategy is to get exposed to light at the right time. This weekend, we'll just be trying to get some sleep after springing forward.

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