Lava Announces First Android Go Smartphone Lava Z50

These two tablets are cheaper than even an Amazon Fire but are they as good

Nokia 1 Android Oreo (Go Edition) with 1GB RAM, 4G VoLTE announced for $85

To make entry-level smartphones cheaper manufacturers often have to use parts that don't have the performance levels of high-end smartphones.

TCL Communication has launched its first Alcatel smartphone powered by Android Oreo Go edition, targeting the value segment of the market.

The new ZTE Tempo Go brings the latest of Android for those on a budget to the USA for the first time. It runs Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition) and will get promised upgrade to Android within months of its official release.

Google had, in December past year, unveiled the Android Oreo Go edition for smartphones with 1GB RAM or less.

Android Go is Google's lightweight mobile software design specifically to run of low cost devices which don't have the same power capabilities of traditional smartphones. The Android fork comes with customized Google apps such as Files Go, Maps Go, Assistant Go Youtube Go and more. The reason why Nokia 1 matters to us is because it runs on Google's Android Oreo Go operating system. This version of Android has been optimized to provide a smooth experience on low-end handsets with less than 1GB of RAM. These are stats that don't exactly impress, but with Android Go this basic phone will handle all of you standard apps without trouble - though don't count on it to play graphics-intensive games.

This strategy isn't anywhere near as dicey as the Microsoft effort - Android is already enormous, with a very developed ecosystem and a legion of existing users.

It's no surprise that one of the biggest trends of 2017 rolls right into 2018 - phone makers now want to pack as much artificial intelligence into their handsets as possible, even if they have to stretch the definition of the term "AI" to do it.

Google announced the Android Go at its I/O conference previous year. More of that computing can be done on-board the phones of 2018. The Nokia 1, which is included in this firsts list, is meant to be an entry-level smartphone for several emerging markets. The phone is expected to go on sale in mid-March. He also clarified that with these Go edition phones, Google is not specifying any hardware requirements to the OEMs like it did when Android One was first launched in 2014 in India.

The FWVGA+ (960 x 480) resolution isn't razor sharp, but the screen is bright and clear, and it's still easy to read text and view pictures.

The spec sheets for both of these chipsets will give you some idea of what Android Go phones will be capable of, but there's no rule which says that CPUs need to be clocked at a certain speed, or support any kind of radio antenna. The smartphone is equipped with a 5MP sensor on both the front and rear along with a flash and it can capture bokeh shots as well.

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