More Staffers Called To Be Interviewed By Robert Mueller

A grand jury's subpoena sent to a witness by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and leaked to NBC News and Axios calls for documentation between the unnamed individual President Trump and nine campaign aides

Trump-Russia: Ex-aide refuses to co-operate with Mueller probe

Columnist Ruth Marcus has some advice for him: Don't be stupid. And maybe he even felt that Trump needed some kind of bat-signal delivered through cable news about how much trouble he's in. But when it happens multiple times, it starts to look like carelessness.

At one point, he proposed that Trump had advance knowledge of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting in which his son, Donald Trump Jr., hosted Russians promising "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times reported that George Nader, an adviser to the United Arab Emirates with ties to various Trump aides, is cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and testified before a grand jury last week.

"He was not really an adviser, Jake, come on - do you really think he was an adviser?"

And he echoed Trump's own mantra: that Mueller's investigation is a "witch hunt". He couldn't collude. How could he?

But Nunberg later retracted his claims and said he would cooperate fully with Mueller's investigation. The two share a lust for the spotlight and a lack of impulse control.

"After spending most of his time publicly promising to defy the subpoena and throwing the challenge for Mueller to "arrest" him, he spent the concluding minutes with his tail between his legs, admitting that " the end, [I'll] find a way to comply".

Which would be hard.

"Russia has never tried to use leverage over me".

"Roger did not do anything!" He had meant to travel on to Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump's Florida estate, to celebrate the president's first year in office, but the F.B.I. had other plans, questioning him for more than two hours and seizing his electronics. His issue with the proceedings? Whatever they want to say about me, that's fine. I'm sure the stress of the Russian Federation investigation is massive for many in the Trump orbit.

"I'd have to sit there and save everything!"

But in his call with the AP, Nunberg said he might be more willing to comply if Mueller's team limits the scope of its request.

"I would be willing to go in for testimony". I am reluctant to share the contents of my emails with myself. "I'm probably going to comply".

"I'm not a Donald Trump fan, as I told you before, OK?"

He was first fired in 2014 for encouraging Trump to participate in a BuzzFeed article which ended up being highly critical of the real-estate tycoon's political campaign.

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"I haven't had a drink", Nunberg replied. They often do so without looking at themselves in the mirror.

Cohen has described the Daniels payment as a legal, "private transaction" and has told reporters that he wasn't reimbursed by the Trump campaign or the Trump Organization. "Who will our leaders be when they're watching this mess going on in front of them?"

"Nobody made him go on television. You don't want to be involved in alcohol", he said.

This is a long, bad joke.

After that story, Nunberg made gave a series of interviews on MSNBC and CNN, repeating his defiance and claiming that he believes that Mueller's team is closing in on Trump.

Asked specifically about Axios's Tuesday declaration that one of the reasons Americans hate the media is because of the way it acts during Nunberg-like episodes, he said "it's nice to have friends".

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