Schools across West Virginia closed for sixth day

All of West Virginia's teachers have been on strike for over a week

West Virginia Gov. tells school superintendents Senate must approve pay raise bill

Harrison County school officials said its closure was "in the spirit of maintaining unity" while Wyoming County schools did not elaborate.

"We believe the best course of action is to return to school tomorrow; however, we realize not everyone will", the West Virginia Education Association said in a statement. He said the unions will support their members, regardless.

All West Virginia public schools will remain closed Thursday, which was the day teachers were to return to work after what is turning into a week-long strike over pay and benefits.

"If the money was available, why was this previously not announced", Carmichael later said.

Wednesday some school employees returned to the state capitol saying they are not happy with the deal, saying they have not heard of a fix for PEIA.

The strike has put 20,000 teachers and 13,000 school service employees on the picket lines.

"We want to be back in school".

Ohio County Schools Assistant Superintendent Rick Jones said teachers and school service workers meeting this week indicated they were anxious to go back, and he expects that will happen soon. "We want to do the most, but there are troubling inconsistencies as it relates to this proposal".

"We need a permanent fix for PEIA insurance and an equal raise for all state employees", she said. Concerns were heightened Wednesday when Senate President Mitch Carmichael questioned Justice's decision to increase the state's revenue estimate to squeeze the pay hikes into the budget. This is a big difference from the 1990 strike: this time all school employees are on board. The poorly-named Governor Justice, after all, was a Democrat until a year ago.

The Senate's majority Republicans voted earlier Thursday to send the bill to that committee instead of immediately taking it up for floor consideration. Despite the governor's lying promises, the attorney general's threats of jail time, the legislature's empty theatrics, and the union leadership's bullying orders, the strikers are sending a message that is well received in workplaces, schools, and factories across the country: it is time for the working class to fight back. "The second reason is we don't have concrete proof yet that this pay raise that was promised a couple days ago is going to be coming through".

House Bill 4145 was approved Wednesday evening by the House Finance Committee.

However, Morrisey said review of court cases during the 1990 teachers strike and a review of current statutes indicate the current work stoppage is unlawful and there is a precedent for court action.

In case that the piece of legislation gets the House of Delegates' approval, sports betting would be made legal at the four racetracks of West Virginia and the state Governor-owned Greenbrier resort.

Garbed in black and wearing a hat shaped like the end of a banana, Culver held aloft one sign reading "Buuulllll" and one with the usual word for excrement that follows.

"I don't think this is a hard case from a legal perspective", he said. "As of right now, I think we have seen that we can't trust that everything that's said is going to go through".

Hall added that the governor's new revenue numbers are based off of national growth, and growth in the state's GDP.

"Some of them are still very upset that there wasn't really a true fix for PEIA except for the task force".

Gov. Justice said he will meet with state Senate leaders to persuade them to pass the bill and end the strike.

The governor of West Virginia told them to go back to work.

Teachers feel like they're one step closer to getting part of what they want, but they're skeptical the next hurdle can be cleared.

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