Out of Paris climate deal -source (RDSA, XOM, CLD)

Out of Paris climate deal -source (RDSA, XOM, CLD) During President Obama's tenure in the White House , the US pledged $3 billion to the fund and transferred $1 billion in two installments, the second just three days before Obama stepped down from office. As per the terms, the US agreed to cut its emissions by 28 percent of its 2005 levels by 2025. China is now the world's biggest carbon emitter, with the U.S. [Full Article...]

1 last doubt for Zidane: Creative Isco or overpowering Bale?

1 last doubt for Zidane: Creative Isco or overpowering Bale? Real Madrid is set as the favorite in Sports Interaction's soccer odds . Juventus enjoyed a more sedate climax to the Serie A season, cantering home to a sixth successive title as well as winning the Coppa Italia . One of the most prolific Welsh scorers to date, Bale has already racked up 54 goals in 100 games for Real Madrid since arriving with the Spanish side in 2013. [Full Article...]

Why the Warriors will win the NBA Finals

Why the Warriors will win the NBA Finals I think they would say the same thing about us". "I don't feel like we're underdogs". We break down some of the faces to watch for. "It's just hard for me to fathom how there becomes this perception that at the moment there are only two teams that are truly competitive in the league", Silver said. [Full Article...]

In Trump's private moments, it's small talk and compliments

I am writing while US President Donald Trump is on his way to Israel, where he will discuss with Israeli leaders, as well as with the Palestinians, the possibility of resuscitating the stalled peace process. The president understands how and why America must stand with Israel today more than ever. The question is whether the president's mission will prove possible. [Full Article...]

Destiny 2 PC Graphics Details and 4K Screenshots

Not much else is known beyond that, although we imagine that Bungie will reveal more details about the game and storyline during the Destiny 2 live stream. For the Nintendo fans among you, that isn't an option on the table right now. So many PC gamers already use the service anyway and it's not exactly a bad platform with the same problems you'd usually attribute to uPlay or Origin. [Full Article...]

Android O Introduces Play Store Graphics Driver Updates

Unlike with iOS where 79 percent of users have updated to iOS 10, many Android phones are still using operating system versions from years ago. In an interview, Samat said that the Android One program is continuing, although it dropped the earlier effort to work with phones at the $100 price point. [Full Article...]

Things to Know About the 'WannaCry' Ransomware Attack

WannaCry is a ransomware virus that holds computers hostage until the user meets the demands. Malicious software lets hackers lock files on your computer and encrypt them in a way that you can not gain access to them until you stump up money. [Full Article...]

Fact Check: 'We Don't Have Health Care In This Country,' Trump Says

House of Representatives recently adopted. Before the Affordable Care Act, it was hard to buy an individual health insurance policy for those who were pregnant, had sleep apnea or diabetes, among other problems. All of these options are harmful. The number of people at risk under the AHCA because of pre-existing conditions and state waivers is far smaller. [Full Article...]

How to protect yourself from the massive ransomware attack

Smith noted that the company released a security update to patch the flaw exploited by the WannaCry virus back in March. As discovered by a security researcher, the ransomware's killswitch is the website "". [Full Article...]

Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Trailer: Your Journey Ends Here

It's a notable change from the recent history of the game, which had de-emphasised structured narratives in favour of player-led adventures . Destiny wasn't available on PC, and it makes sense that Destiny 2 comes to it. In addition, Bungie has created " guided games " to match single players up with others to do standing dungeon Raids and the weekly unique Nightfall Strikes . [Full Article...]

Trump's speech on Islam being drafted by Muslim ban architect Miller

Trump's speech on Islam being drafted by Muslim ban architect Miller Trump's first visit to Saudi Arabic is a "historical event", Al Jubeir told a press conference, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported . Trump's upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia will be his first overseas trip since taking office on January 20. [Full Article...]

Log in, look out: Cyber chaos spreads with workweek's start

Seven of the 47 affected trusts were still having IT problems Monday. Once clicked, it takes encrypts users' hard drivers, blocking them from accessing it and any files it contains. CERT-In has been on an overdrive advising critical infrastructure agencies including banks, airports, telecom networks and stock markets to take precautions against the ransomware attack by downloading software "patc... [Full Article...]

Google takes on Siri, launches Assistant for iPhones

The big announcements, especially hardware and phone related, are rare. Google just unveiled its progress with Google Assistant, the AI voice assistant the company introduced past year and revealed what's next for Google's next big bets for search. [Full Article...]

Google Could Give a Glimpse of Standalone VR Device at I/O 2017

The first three major systems all launched for the first time previous year - HTC Vive , Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. The company is reported to introduce a new standalone mobile VR device, which would not require a smartphone or a PC to operate. [Full Article...]

NHS cyber attack: A&Es 'fully open' again

NHS cyber attack: A&Es 'fully open' again Japan's National Police Agency reported two breaches of computers in the country on Sunday - one at a hospital and the other case involving a private person - but no loss of funds. 'There has been a report to the Australian Cyber Security centre of one instance of what we believe could be this ransomware, ' she told reporters in Cairns. [Full Article...]

HTC U11 first hands-on video shows off Edge Sense

HTC U11 first hands-on video shows off Edge Sense What makes this phone stand out from the crowd is the Edge Sense technology. Finally, HTC's U11 also includes the company's own new assistant software called HTC Sense Companion, which is a Google Now-type solution that fills in some gaps that aren't covered by Google Assistant or Alexa. [Full Article...]

On Mother's Day, remember those who are grieving

On Mother's Day, remember those who are grieving After the nest is empty, a mother's need to reconnect with their children and grandchildren is strong. I am no exception; my Mother sacrificed everything to ensure that her children were afforded opportunities she didn't have. No better way to spend a day dedicated to the one who brought life to the worst hackers, the greatest golfers and everyone between, even if it's just brunch at the loc... [Full Article...]

British hospitals say hit by suspected national cyber attack

The attacks, he said, feature hackers who infiltrate the computer network of an individual, company or institution, encrypt the files and then demand ransom payments in exchange for undoing the encryption. NHS hospital were forced to divert ambulances following the attack. Britain's National Health Service said hospitals across England were hit by an apparent "ransomware" attack, but there was n... [Full Article...]

Snapchat's growth stalls in Facebook's shadow in 1Q report

The company said Snapchat added 8 million active users during the quarter, upping its base to 166 million. While Snap's stock dropped 23% by the market's open following its first-ever quarterly earnings report , Facebook's stock dropped about 14%. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Build 2017 starts today: Here's what to expect at the conference

Windows 10 S was recently unveiled as a more restricted version of Windows 10 aimed at students and teachers as well as being a response to Google's popular Chromebook/Chrome OS combo. So the best conclusion in general is that if you upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro , most likely you should expect not to return to the 10 S. Later, in April, researchers from FireEye and ESET discovered a differen... [Full Article...]

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