WWDC 2017: From iOS 11 to iMac Pro, Apple's Announcements So Far

Swipe up for more or swipe left for widgets. The firm talked a lot about support for virtual reality, something it hasn't spoken that much about before. The newest member of the iPad Pro family might finally be the right size people are looking for. Then theres Memories. It now support portrait playback and is smarter about grouping images - it will create a Memory for your pet, with image r... [Full Article...]

WWDC 2017: Apple's iOS could finally get a file manager tonight

One among those appeared with the placeholder listing on the App Store that showcased a new app called Files . The updated operating system will also include the second revamp of the Apple Music streaming service in as many years. [Full Article...]

CBSE 10th results declared

CBSE 10th results declared Overall, boys outdid girls by 0.9 per cent this year bettering last year's results when girls beat boys by close to 10 per cent. A total of 710 students appeared for class X exam from International Indian School, Riyadh (IISR). The other four regions are Allahabad, Chennai, Dehradun and Trivandrum. Thiruvananthapuram has fared best by registering a pass percentage of 99.85 per cent. [Full Article...]

Another Warriors-Cavaliers Finals clash not bad for NBA

San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman, the superior player at the time , used to tell tall-and-lanky Durant to be aggressive, to take it to the hoop. Let's get back to those numbers. That will be particularly true if the Warriors run into adversity early in the series - something they've avoided throughout this entire playoff run. [Full Article...]

WannaCry Ransomware attack: Indian banking sector to be the next victim

WannaCry Ransomware attack: Indian banking sector to be the next victim Microsoft references the source of WannaCry ransomware's as vulnerability referred to as the NSA , featuring similar security holes to be revealed on WikiLeaks in the documents stolen from the Central Intelligence Agency. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that will block access to your files unless you pay a ransom. Once a ransom is paid, the criminal will offer to decrypt the files ... [Full Article...]

UK spending money to strengthen cyber security of health system: Fallon

UK spending money to strengthen cyber security of health system: Fallon There is still no evidence any of our hospital systems were affected and we are completely confident no patient data was involved. 'The global reach is unprecedented. Major companies that includes sixteen National Health Service organsisations in the U.K. FedEx, telecom companies Telefonica of Spain and Megafon of Russian Federation were also hit. [Full Article...]

Chinese media blame the United States of America for WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack

The unprecedented global cyberattack that began on Friday has reportedly infected hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries and regions, including China, where around 30,000 institutions such as universities and gas stations have fallen victim to the WannaCry ransomware, according to Qihoo 360, a leading Chinese internet security company. [Full Article...]

US willing to engage with N. Korea

US willing to engage with N. Korea North Korea's foreign ministry said that the driving a scheme to put sanctions and pressure on North Korea, raising tensions on the divided peninsula. KCNA said Kim accused the United States of "browbeating" countries that "have no nukes", warning Washington not to misjudge the reality that its mainland is in the North's "sighting range for strike". [Full Article...]

AI and Machine Learning Take Center Stage at Google I/O 2017

Android One was a specific project that focused on hardware with Google enforcing its requirements on hardware vendors and smartphone manufacturers to stick to a prescribed set of specifications for them to run Android One . There are also some small but helpful new additions that'll be visible in the interface. Later this year, Google will also integrate features that let Assistant respond... [Full Article...]

HTC is making a new standalone Vive VR headset for Google

HTC is making a new standalone Vive VR headset for Google As revealed today at the Google I/O conference , Google has announced a new Vive headset that uses Daydream, Google's VR platform that launched past year. These headsets from Google's partner companies will arrive sometime later this year. Both HTC Vive and Lenovo are also working on Daydream-supported standalone VR headsets, and the first models are expected to be released later this y... [Full Article...]

'No Plans' for Destiny 2 on Nintendo Switch

Slowly they realize that their satellites aren't operational and their warning systems are going haywire. Bungie's shared-world shooter may not have been the game people hoped it would be when it launched, but it grew into one of the most engaging and popular shooters of the current generation. [Full Article...]

HTC U11 is now official, DxOMark calls it best mobile camera

HTC U11 is now official, DxOMark calls it best mobile camera That includes the 5.5-inch Quad HD Super LCD display with Gorilla Glass 5 layer for added protection . The U11 is IP67-certified, meaning it can survive being dunked up to 1m for 30 minutes. One of the interesting new inclusions from the company in the HTC U11 is the pressure-sensitive or squeezable frame of the device that is meant to perform certain actions upon putting some pressure. [Full Article...]

WannaCry: Businesses could face lawsuits for not updating Windows-based computer systems

Indian organizations are also vulnerable due to a lot of them using outdated (or not updated ) versions of operating systems for business operations. If using Windows, don't disable automatic Windows updates. Install Microsoft Security Bulletin MS 17-010 by clicking on the following link. In response, then life sciences minister George Freeman said: "We are working with suppliers, including... [Full Article...]

WannaCry Ransomware: Microsoft Calls Out NSA For 'Stockpiling' Vulnerabilities

WannaCry Ransomware: Microsoft Calls Out NSA For 'Stockpiling' Vulnerabilities And this most recent attack represents a completely unintended but disconcerting link between the two most serious forms of cybersecurity threats in the world today - nation-state action and organized criminal action. Microsoft should know that there are people, small businesses, schools and hospitals that still use older version of Windows, such as XP (which came out in 2001). [Full Article...]

British cyber whiz hailed 'accidental hero' after stopping global virus

The so-called "Wannacry" virus notably attacks Windows XP , which in principle has not been supported by Microsoft since 2014. Also backup any important data and ensure the latest WannaCry patch is installed. China's official Xinhua News Agency said some secondary schools and universities had been affected, without specifying how many or identifying them. [Full Article...]

Full Android to Arrive in Cars Within 2 Years

Full Android to Arrive in Cars Within 2 Years As a bonus, Google Assistant, Google's smart assistant app will not only allow for vehicle owners to use voice to adjust auto controls but will also tap into the app's other features, such as its ability to control Internet of Things devices. [Full Article...]

China presses South Korea on THAAD missile system

U.S. President Donald Trump, who spoke with Moon on Wednesday, this month opened the door to meeting North Korea's Kim Jong Un, saying he would be honored to meet Kim under the right circumstances. The THAAD is increasingly opposed among many South Koreans, particularly based on Trump's calls for them to pay for it. Abe and Moon agreed to meet soon, and Xi invited the South Korean leader to Bei... [Full Article...]

Chelsea enjoy double title delight as Under-18s crowned Premier League champions

These were the core group of players riding on whom Conte raced to EPL title in his first season in England and now as he eyes future, he hopes not to lose some of them. However, Chelsea secured the title with a victory over United at the end of April with a team that was benefited hugely from the signing of Michael Essien. [Full Article...]

Moon, Trump agree on close cooperation on N. Korea: Seoul

New President Moon Jae-in has appointed a successor but Lee will remain in office until parliament approves the nomination. In fact, judging by that interview, he highly values South Korea's alliance with the USA, calling it "the most important foundation for our diplomacy and national security", and agrees, by and large, with Trump's posture vis-à-vis North Korea. [Full Article...]

Microsoft outlines plans for Windows 10 update

MacOS inspire numerous new features of Windows 10. This is great news for Microsoft and iOS device owners looking into giving Windows 10 a shot. In an announcement that evoked some of the loudest cheers in Thursday's crowd, iTunes software will be added to the Windows Store. [Full Article...]

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