Deceased Suspect In Shooting Of GOP Congressman ID'd, Was Sanders Campaign Volunteer

Deceased Suspect In Shooting Of GOP Congressman ID'd, Was Sanders Campaign Volunteer The man who opened fire on a baseball practice for Republican lawmakers on Wednesday appears to have purchased his guns legally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Thursday. Walsh said Hodgkinson was a home inspector , at one point describing him as a happy-go-lucky guy. Timothy Slater, the FBI's special agent in charge of Washington , D.C., criminal investigations, said Wednesd... [Full Article...]

McGregor fight set for August 26

McGregor fight set for August 26 When Mayweather steps into the ring against the UFC fighter in Las Vegas on August 26 , he looks certain to shatter his previous best of 4.6million pay-per-view purchases. INEXPERIENCED Despite having little or no boxing experience, White insists his MMA client McGregor is confident of victory. He's a two weight champion in the UFC , he's broken UFC PPV records, and now he's fighting the ... [Full Article...]

Gunman Opens Fire As Members Of Congress Practice Baseball

Brooks added that three others were shot as well, including two law enforcement officers. On Fox, Senator Rand Paul , described the scene as "sort of a killing field". In a statement , Texas Rep. Roger Williams , one of the team's coaches, said one of his staff members, legislative correspondent Zack Barth , was shot during the incident and is receiving medical attention. [Full Article...]

Kamala Harris Just Handed Jeff Sessions His Ass

Kamala Harris Just Handed Jeff Sessions His Ass Richard Burr and John McCain nearly shushed her. Tom Cotton, the Arkansas Republican , countered that Democrats were seeking to score political points without looking at the larger issues of tampering by foreign adversaries in the USA election and leaks of national security secrets to the media. [Full Article...]

Gillespie narrowly leads surprisingly close GOP Virginia primary

Ed Gillespie was expected to hold onto a narrow lead to win the Republican nomination for Virginia governor in his party's primary election Tuesday evening, CNN projected. Unlike Northam's long history in state politics, Perriello, who served a brief tenure in Congress from 2008 to 2010, has no state politics experience. [Full Article...]

Three questions raised by the Comey hearings

Yet in some ways Mr. Comey's words were just the opening scene in a lengthy legal drama to come. "I understand that it's personal", Cornyn said. "If there are investigations of a client he'd need to recuse himself", Mr Steven Lubet, a legal ethics professor at Northwestern University, said. [Full Article...]

Celebrity lawyer booted from Cosby trial after phone rang

Cosby says that he gave Ms Constand the antihistamine Benadryl only to relieve stress, insisting that their sexual relations were consensual and accusing her of lying. "What'd you say?" he said. He noticeably shook his head when Constand described the alleged sexual assault in detail, claiming that Cosby undid her trousers, put his finger in her vagina, and placed her hand on his penis as sh... [Full Article...]

Apple expected to debut new Internet-connected speaker at developers conference

Siri will be paying more attention to what you do on your iPhone . IDC estimates that Apple shipped about 3.6 million watches during the first three months of the year. Rather than hide P-to-P in the Wallet app or any other part of Apple Pay, the company built its P-to-P offering around its Messages app. The Echo, released in 2015, and Google Home, released a year ago, were the first... [Full Article...]

Al Attles, Hubie Brown honoured before Game 2

Al Attles, Hubie Brown honoured before Game 2 There was plenty going on for Durant in Game 1 as well. "We're hoping that in the next week or two, whatever it is, I can sort of make a definitive realization, deduction, or feel that I'm just going to do this or I'm not". STANDOUT PERFORMER: Though Durant anchored the offense and had a mammoth game overall, Thompson's reemergence as a scorer also proved a difference-maker for Warriors . [Full Article...]

Spicer refers Russia investigation questions to Trump's outside attorney

Kushner's meetings have been, as expected, supported by other administration figures, including Homeland Security adviser John Kelly, who says Kushner has every right to seek backchannel communications. "That makes it much more cohesive", he said. With someone so close to Trump in the crosshairs, special counsel Robert Mueller has every reason to examine any relationships between the Trump c... [Full Article...]

To many Americans, Memorial Day has lost its meaning

Veterans and families make time to publicly remember those who died in service to their country . Although some grave markers were dated years and years ago, there could still be people living who were told about their courage and love of country . [Full Article...]

Does Trump's Budget Cut Medicaid Funding? No One Seems To Know

In order to explain the content of the document, entitled " A New Foundation for American Greatness ", Mulvaney underlined that compassion can not be measured 'by the money or the people in the programs of social assistance, but by the amount of people we get out of them'. [Full Article...]

Former allies on school choice now divided by Trump budget

Former allies on school choice now divided by Trump budget Today, the Trump Administration released the Fiscal Year 2018 budget , which lays out a series of proposals and priorities created to ensure every student has an equal opportunity to receive a high quality education. The vast majority of school districts do not provide families with robust school quality information-in part because school quality is hard to measure and portray clearly to pare... [Full Article...]

Texas set to pass transgender bathroom law for schools

Chris Paddie, R-Marshall, doesn't go far enough. First, the Texas House passed an amendment to an otherwise unrelated bill that prohibits transgender students from using bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity in public and charter schools. [Full Article...]

Trump administration sending Congress $4.1 trillion budget

But to achieve balance, Trump is seeking sharp cuts in a variety of programs for the poor from Medicaid to food stamps and disability payments. Without reforms, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Office of the Actuary estimates total federal and state Medicaid spending will be almost $1.1 trillion by fiscal 2027, comprising 3.5 percent of the nation's gross domestic product. [Full Article...]

Trump budget slashes safety-net programs

The budget favors wealthier Americans over less-wealthy ones deliberately, Mick Mulvaney , the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), told reporters at a press conference. "If you are on disability and you should not be, we need you to go back to work". Mulvaney dismissed criticisms from lawmakers skeptical of the proposed budget as details leaked throughout the day while th... [Full Article...]

Deputy AG Rosenstein 'frustratingly cautious' in House briefing

Deputy AG Rosenstein 'frustratingly cautious' in House briefing President Donald Trump lashed out on Thursday over his Justice Department's appointment of a special counsel to investigate possible ties between his 2016 presidential campaign and Russian Federation, calling it "the single greatest witch hunt" in US history. [Full Article...]

The 11 candidates being considered for Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Rogers, an ex-FBI agent and former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has drawn the backing of the FBI Agents Association. Cornyn said at the time that Trump was "within his authority" to fire Comey and that it would not affect the investigation of possible Russian ties to Trump's presidential campaign. [Full Article...]

Pre-existing conditions and the health plan: Who's covered?

One less vote and the bill wouldn't have received the 216-vote threshold needed to pass. But according to the ACHA, my postpartum depression - something that affects approximately 900,000 women a year - would likely prevent me from getting access to decent and affordable health coverage. [Full Article...]

White House advisers struggle to keep Comey story straight

And then it wasn't and Trump showed up and sat down, and a shit show ensued. "There's no good time to do it. ..." "Ten years down the road, are we going to be looking back at this as, 'I can't believe that this was a thing that we did - how funny?' Or is this going to be, 'Wow this is where it all started falling apart?'" "I'll tell you this", Trump said, repeating, "if Russian Federation or... [Full Article...]

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